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The world of technology has given rise to advanced necessities like the Meraki solution; now, it is no longer a luxury business; hence, it has become a necessity. The use of wireless networking, SD-WAN, Security cameras, and any endpoint management or any cloud services are needed for the industry. Cisco Meraki MX100 is also a part of it. Make your present secure and safe to have a brighter future ahead. A smart and reliable choice will always give you the best business ideas.


The Cisco Meraki MX 100 have various specification. The chassis of rack 1U and the stateful firewall throughput of &00 Mbps. The LAN speed is 8*GbE2*GbE(SFP). The power load is 30W. It is highly secure and efficient and is based on the latest technology. The latest generation has more specific features as compared to the traditional ones. It also offers better coverage, lower latency, and definitely offers higher capacity.


It is also one of the Cisco Meraki that have 8*8 OFDMA along with 1G/5G Ethernet. The maximum date rate is 5.9 Gbps, and 2.4 GHz operation is also included in it. It also supports MCS rates 11 and 12. The design is a Sleek vessel design. It also requires PoE+requires 802.3 at compliance.


It has 4*4 with MU-MIMO and OFDMA and 1G/2.5G Ethernet. The maximum data rate is 3.5 Gbps with 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz operation. It is also similar and supports MCS rates 10 and 11. The Sleek vessel design is used to design this equipment.

Similarly, Cisco Meraki has smarter security cameras that keep an eye on everyone. The indoor and outdoor models will be kept under control through cameras. All the footage will be stored on the camera and not on the VMS motion search tool to find incidents. It also offers access controls, optimizing video retention tools, and also camera customization.

MV2 Flex Camera

It is also an adjustable, rotating camera with flexible mount options that ensure always the right angle from anywhere. The integrated mobile app and USB-C power is the easiest MV camera to deploy. MV2 provides insights into the environment that includes the entire space and trend. The product highlights are 1080P video recordings with H.264 and a 103-degree field of view. The microphone for audio recording and cloud management is also available. Advanced analytics compact and functional design tools are also used.


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