Different Types Of Group Messaging In Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a common communication tool that many enterprises and organizations in the public sector use. This has posed some legal and regulatory issues that must be addressed with the help of effective mobile WhatsApp archiving.

While some companies still do not use WhatsApp for their offices to prevent non-compliance, more companies still accept and tolerate employees using this app for business-related matters. Although it is a great collaboration tool, enterprise-grade solutions can now capture a real-time WhatsApp call recording, chat, shared content, and metadata.

WhatsApp’s group messaging feature helps employees collaborate better for business-related tasks. WhatsApp has more advanced features than other messaging apps. Employees can use WhatsApp to share information, communicate more effectively, and personalize their communications.

WhatsApp’s basic group messaging function can suffice for two or more employees who need to work together on one task. This group chat allows members to share information quickly, discuss business-related topics, and even share digital content.

Apart from group messaging, employees can use topic-based group chat on WhatsApp. Collaboration is required in many industries, such as government offices and financial services companies. A topic-based group chat allows members to share knowledge and learn from each other about a specific topic or aspect of a project. A topic-based chat can help reduce out-of-topic conversations.

Department heads and team leaders can create department or team channels to serve as their group’s default mobile communication channel. Managers and employees can exchange information through department or team channels, facilitating coordination and speeding up decision-making.

WhatsApp also has a Broadcast List feature that enables users to disseminate information, news, and updates efficiently. With this feature, only the administrator can initiate messages and attachments, while members can only read and access the content in the Broadcast List.

For more details about the different types of group messaging in WhatsApp that employees can use for better productivity in the workplace, here is an infographic from TeleMessage.



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